Hello there!

Photography for me began when I was eight years old. My dad gave me my first photography lesson with his battered Pentax and Minolta 35mm cameras. Soon after, the two of us built a dark room in our San Diego home's garage. He taught me to reel film, mix chemicals and enlarge prints, all while talking about life. Being in this place of creativity was a world perfect for a budding artist. 

Fast forward a few decades; I still have that creative magic inside me, however my hobby of snapping pictures and playing in the dark room has flourished into success as a thriving personal brand, event and portrait specialist. Gone are the film cameras - Full Frame Nikon cameras and lenses are now my tools for creativity. 

Though I work all over the world - with celebrities, entrepreneurs, CEO's, and some serious game changers - I still connect with each person in the moment we are together creating content, and I pay attention to their unique story so that I can create content to perfectly pair with their brand. 

I'm a single mother, climber, backpacker, runner, yogi, paddler, collector of art - and I love what I do as my "job." There is value in every frame of this beautiful life and I hope to capture a snapshot of your important venture!

With gratitude,


(Photographed March 2018 in Dubai)